For the last two years I’ve been lucky enough to lead Digital work developing new services for staff working in Prisons.

The landscape across England and Wales is that the main system used by prisons has been a large ‘monolith’ that wasn’t designed around users. …

Lots of people travelling back into the UK this summer will know that queuing at Border Control can take a while. It can be one of the few times a year millions of us interact directly with a central Government service. Mixed with flight delays, heat, alcohol and the end…

I have bags of experience doing programme and project management on big IT programmes. But it has sometimes been difficult to deliver these as the internal processes can add delay and increase costs.

However… My experience of moving to a digital approach is that things can be delivered far more…

Julian dos Remedios

Digital Transformation lead. Delivery includes Registered Traveller (a GDS exemplar), Electronic Visa Waivers, UK-US Global Entry, MoJ Digital.

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